April Favourites

It was difficult to choose favourites this month as we’ve been so busy! If we could’ve put everything in, we would’ve!

Black and Purple Wedding Decor

It’s not often that black is used in wedding décor but it looks so sophisticated!

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The black makes the white really stand out and goes really well with purple! We love it!

Party Competition

Our party competition ended yesterday and with lots of amazing (and hilarious) entries, we’ve got a tough job on our hands deciding the winner! To see all our entries, go to our Facebook page and scroll down to Visitor Posts!

Party Comp Facebook photo


In April, we passed 2000 likes on Facebook! This is an amazing achievement that we’re so proud of so thank you to everyone who likes our Facebook page!

2000 likes.jpg

Sunshine and Stevie

On the 10th April, the sun came out for the wedding of Mr and Mrs Sheering! The weather beautifully matched the colour scheme of their wedding, sky blue all round!


We love weddings that do things a little bit different so you can imagine our delight when Stevie the dog rocked up in a tiny tux! He had the all-important task of ringbearer!


Murder Mystery 50th Party

Sometimes, you’ve got to do something a little bit different for a special birthday! The murder mystery themed evening was brilliantly run by DOA Murder Mystery!

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What has been your favourite parts of April? Let us know!


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