Presenting: The NEW Old Library!

Our Old Library has been spruced up a little over the past few weeks! When you’re hosting one of the biggest and best days of a couple’s life, it’s so important to make sure everything is perfect, including the interior decor!

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Being called The Old Library, it’s easy to assume that back in the day, the room was the library. However, this is not the case! Back in the 1800s, the owner Ralph Willett built two extra wings on either side of the house to hold his books. The wings didn’t last long, being demolished by Ralph’s heir, John Willett to pay his debts just a few decades later. When the library wasn’t in the wings, it was actually located where we now have the toilets on the ground floor.

So if it wasn’t used for a library, what was it used for? Well, due to the room’s position in the house it is likely that the Old Library was the room the inhabitants spent the morning in. The lack of electricity meant that sunlight would be the main source of light and the positioning of the Old Library means that this room gets the most sunlight in the morning! Before it was called The Old Library, the room was called the Saloon. The Saloon was typically where grand social events, such as dances and private concerts, were held.

Nowadays, we use the room for weddings, parties, conferences and more! The Old Library looks absolutely stunning after it’s makeover, take a look at these before and after shots!

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Isn’t it beautiful? We especially love the gold addition to the ceiling!



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